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Level 1: Foundations

The Level I Foundations program is a CAP orientation program and the first of CAP's Five professional development program levels. During this training you will be exposed to the history of our organization and familiarize yourself with the general policies and procedures. Should you have any questions about what you are leaning in level one please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit Professional Development Officer, or unit Commander.

NOTE: If you are a new CAP member, you will need to have an eServices account (eServices Registration) to access some of the links below.

e.Services & OPSEC
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement [link]

Introduction to CAP Safety
  • OPSEC Training Package [ZIP]
    • OPSEC Requirements Memo
      • New OPSEC Requirements Memo - Dec 07.pdf (within ZIP file)
    • OPSEC Presentation
      • OPSEC Presentation.pdf -or- OPSEC Training Nov 07.ppt (within ZIP file)

Cadet Protection [link]
  • Pre-Test [PDF]
  • CAP Cadet Protection Policy (CAPR 52-10) [PDF]
  • CPPT Student Guide (CAPP 50-3) [PDF] -or- [PPT]
  • Self-Correct the Pre-Test
  • Case Study Exercise
    • CPPT Case Study #1 [PDF] -or- CPPT Case Study #2 [PDF]

Equal Opportunity [link]

Foundations Course
Choose a Specialty
  • Specialty Track Selection [DOC]