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Membership Information and Aircraft Rates

Initiation Fee $700.00 One Time
Dues $63.00 Monthly
Work Hours 20 Per Year

Aircraft Rates As of January 2020 - All rates except 76X include fuel
Cessna 172N - N739BA $108.00 / tach hour
Cessna 172M - N23GV $113.00 / tach hour
Cessna 177B - N20300 $119.00 / tach hour
Cessna 182Q - N5244N $145.00 / tach hour
Cessna 182 - 875CP $45.00 / hobbs hour
DRY (fuel excluded)

(CAP members only - Congressional Flying Club membership not required)

For updated information regarding CFC rates, dues and
membership, please contact contact.cfc@cfcmss.org.

For updated information regarding MSS rates, dues and
membership, please contact contact.mss@cfcmss.org.

Tach Hour vs. Hobbs Hour
A hobbs hour is the amount of time from when the propeller starts turning, to the time it stops. A tach hour is the "time" according to engine RPMs. At full power (in cruise flight) a tach hour is close to, but a little less than, a hobbs hour. However, on the ground, a tach hour is considerably less than a hobbs hour, because the engine RPMs are low. What that means to you is that an hour-long flight in an airplane charging hobbs time costs you 1 hour times the rate of the plane. That same hour-long flight in an airplane charging tach time will most likely cost you approximately 0.8 hours times the rate of the plane. You save money.

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