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Congressional Flying Club & Montgomery Senior Squadron: A Shared History

It was a group of Civil Air Patrol members, including Eberhard Trams, who founded the Congressional Flying Club (CFC) in the late 1940's. The name of the club was due to the fact that the Civil Air Patrol members were part of the Montgomery Senior Squadron (MSS), located at the Congressional Airport in Rockville, Maryland.

When Congressional Airport was closed to make way for the shopping center in 1956, the Congressional Flying Club and Montgomery Senior Squadron moved out to Davis Airport in Laytonsville Maryland (W50). A few years later, the club and squadron moved to the new Montgomery County Airpark where they still thrive today.

The association of the Montgomery Senior Squadron with the Congressional Flying Club is a natural fit with mutual benefits.  For example, the Core Values of the Civil Air Patrol (Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect) are the same values that foster a safe, enjoyable and vibrant flying club.  Additionally, the squadron provides unique aviation-related opportunities, such as search and rescue operations, surveillance missions for the state of Maryland, and ELT location missions.  At the same time, the squadron benefits from the many flying and social opportunities offered by the Congressional Flying Club.

In the spirit of this shared history, each Congressional Flying Club member is required to be a Civil Air Patrol member for the first year of club membership. However, a club member does not have to renew CAP membership after the first year.  The Congressional Flying Club meets each Tuesday at 8:00 pm at the club trailer at the Montgomery County Airpark.  To simplify logistics, CAP meetings, which occur on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, are held at the same location immediately before the club meeting.

In order to better understand the mission and operations of the Civil Air Patrol, as well as take advantage of unique professional development opportunities available, new club members are strongly encouraged to complete CAP – Level 1: Foundations training, which also covers a number of requirements such as operational security, safety, etc.  The training is self-paced, available 24/7/365 online and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time (ex: over a weekend).

The Congressional Flying Club and Montgomery Senior Squadron share a rich history that spans over four decades, and will continue to share a mutually beneficial future together.  Joining the club and squadron is the start of a uniquely rich and fulfilling life in aviation.

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