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Category File Name Description Size Uploaded
Aircraft - N5244N N5244N PG-EDM-730_830-Rev-A-02-JULY-2009.pdf N5244N PG-EDM-730_830-Rev-A-02-JULY-2009 740K 16-Apr-2016
Aircraft - N23GV N23GV - S-TECH System Thirty.pdf N23GV - S-TECH System Thirty 396K 16-Apr-2016
Aircraft - N23GV N23GV - GPSS Switch.pdf N23GV - GPSS Switch 67K 16-Apr-2016
Aircraft - General 182Q POH.pdf 182Q POH 12.59M 16-Apr-2016
Aircraft - General CFC W&B.pdf CFC W&B 2.83M 16-Apr-2016
Other 2016 Nuclear Security Summit Advisory.pdf FLIGHT ADVISORY- National Security Summit Washington, DC Area March 31- April 1, 2016 115K 3-Mar-2016
Membership CFC Gift Certificate Letter - 2015.pdf CFC Gift Certificate Letter 276K 9-Dec-2015
Membership CFC Prospect Info - 2015-10-17.pdf This sheet is for informational purposes only. The rates were valid up to the date shown at the bottom of the sheet. 165K 17-Oct-2015
Membership CFC App - 2011.pdf CFC Membership Application/Renewal form, in PDF format you can print out and fill in by hand 85K 11-Jun-2014
Aircraft - General Cessna 182 Ooperating Guidelines.pdf Engine Break-in Guidlines 7K 15-Apr-2014
Other CFC Hats.pdf Photos of two styles of CFC hats. 264K 5-Feb-2014
Aircraft - General EDM 830 Cheat Sheet.pdf N5244N EDM Cheat Sheet 94K 25-Nov-2013
Aircraft - General P1000 Digital Tach.pdf N23GV P-1000 Digital Tachometer User Manual 224K 12-Nov-2013
Other FDK - Movement - Non-Movement Areas - EXHIBIT - 01.pdf An exhibit which indicates the movement area boundaries for the FDK airfield 405K 27-Mar-2012
Membership CFC App - 2011.doc CFC Membership Application/Renewal Form, in Word format you can fill in on your computer before printing. 64K 9-May-2011
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